Scottish smoked salmon, swordfish and tuna, whole flour black bread and butter curls  € 14

Warm octopus salad, potatoes and small black olives  € 14

Salmon "carpaccio" marinated in lemon juice and extravirgin olive oil, pink pepper berries, basil and black bread  € 14

Selection of cold cuts, sheep milk cheese and artichokes in extravirgin olive oil (minimum for two) € 28

                                                    "Zibello" traditional Culatello (raw ham), mushrooms in extravirgin olive oil  € 14

Marble seasoned Tuscan lard, black bread and chestnut honey € 12

"Spalla cruda" (seasoned shoulder raw ham by Ghirardi Onesto Langhirano Parma), sweet and sour vegetables € 14

 Grilled mixed vegetables, extravergin olive oil and basil € 10


First Courses

 Ravioli stuffed with lobster, pistachios sauce  € 14

Spaghetti "Mancini", garlic, extravirgin olive oil, chili pepper and salted mullet roe  € 14

Creamed "Carnaroli" risotto, shrimps, artichokes and basil (minimum for two) € 28

Creamed "Carnaroli" risotto, red Treviso chicory and "smoked scamorza" (minimum for two)  € 28

Wild black rice timball, gorgonzola sauce and walnuts € 12

"Pappardelle" and Tuscan ragout € 14

Potatoes dumplings, truffled cheese cream and hazelnuts € 13

Handmade meat ravioli in Bergamo style, melted butter, sage and crispy bacon € 12



Main courses

Fresh sea bream fillet, cherry tomatoes, small black olives and basil € 22

Fresh sea bream fillet "au gratin", artichokes and herbs flavoured bread € 22

Sauternes flamed Goose foie gras escalopes, fresh blueberries  € 26

Baked beef chop, grilled zucchini and gorgonzola cheese € 22

Grilled small lamb chops, delicate rosemary and moustard sauce € 20

Breaded veal chop in Milano style, cherry tomatoes and basil € 22

Tartare (raw meat), slices of Parmesan cheese , anchovy sauce and whole flour black bread,

mixed salad, fennels, carrots and tomatoes € 17



All the main courses are served with some vegetables on the side

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