"Tradition" Menu
The real Gorgonzola cheese by Angelo Croce

Selection of cold cuts and blue cheese

Wild black rice timball, gorgonzola sauce and walnuts 

Baked beef chop, grilled zucchini and gorgonzola cheese

Desset or fruits as your choice from the menu 

(minimum for two persons)

€ 40 per person



Scottish smoked salmon, swordfish and tuna with whole flour black bread and butter curls  € 14

Warm octopus salad, potatoes and small black olives  € 14

Tuna "carpaccio" extravirgin olive oil and lemon, whole flour black bread and butter  € 14

Fresh salmon "carpaccio" marinated in lemon juice,

pink pepper berries, basil and extravirgin olive oil, whole flour black bread € 13

Selection of cold cuts and sheep milk cheese (minimum for two) € 24

"Zibello" traditional Culatello (raw ham), "burrata" (creamy mozzarella) and anchovies  € 14

"Spalla cruda" (seasoned shoulder raw ham by Ghirardi Onesto Langhirano Parma), sweet and sour vegetables € 14

Tuscany seasoned lard, chestnut honey and whole flour black bread € 12

Grilled mixed vegetables, extravergin olive oil and basil € 10


First Courses

Curry flavoured small potatoes dumplings, shrimps and artichokes  € 13

 Ravioli stuffed with lobster, pistachios sauce  € 14

Spaghetti "Mancini", garlic, extravirgin olive oil, chili pepper and mullet roe  € 14

Creamed "Carnaroli" risotto, pumpkin and "amaretti" (minimum for two) € 24

Wild black rice timball, gorgonzola sauce and walnuts € 12

Handmade meat ravioli in Bergamo style, melted butter, sage and crispy bacon € 12

"Pappardelle" (large tagliatelle) and ragout € 13

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Ristorante Vecchia Pesa


Ristorante Vecchia Pesa
via Matteotti 41
Gorgonzola Milano


Phone +39 0295305846
Mail: info@vecchiapesa.it


from Thuesday to Friday 
Saturday 20:00-21:30
Sunday 12:15-14:00
Monday Closed


Air Conditioned
Dogs are allowed